The KSNODETYPE_NOISE_SUPPRESS node represents a noise-suppression (NS) control. An NS node has connections for one input stream and one output stream. Both streams have the same format.

When a filter containing an NS node is created or the node is reset, the node is initially configured to operate in pass-through mode.

An NS node can be incorporated into an AEC (acoustic echo cancellation) filter to support full-duplex DirectSound applications. For more information, see DirectSound Capture Effects.

A KSNODETYPE_NOISE_SUPPRESS node in an AEC filter should support the following properties in order to enable hardware acceleration:





The KSPROPERTY_TOPOLOGYNODE_ENABLE property is used to both enable and disable the node. When disabled, the node operates in pass-through mode (that is, it allows the input stream to pass through to the output without modification).



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