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The ISynthSinkDMus interface handles wave output for a DirectMusic synthesizer device. The DMus miniport driver provides this interface for use by the wave sink, which calls the methods in the interface to render wave output and to synchronize its sample clock to the master clock. As explained in Synthesizer Miniport Driver Overview, the wave sink is implemented in the DMus port driver. To determine whether a DMus miniport driver supports the ISynthSinkDMus interface, the DMus port driver calls the miniport driver stream object's IMXF::QueryInterface method with REFIID IID_ISynthSinkDMus. ISynthSinkDMus inherits from the IMXF interface.

The ISynthSinkDMus interface is supported in Windows 2000 and later and in Windows Me/98. This interface provides methods to render, convert sample to reference time, convert reference to sample time, and synchronize to the master clock. For information about the use of the ISynthSinkDMus interface, see A Wave Sink for Kernel-Mode Software Synthesizers.

In addition to the methods that ISynthSinkDMus inherits from the IMXF interface, ISynthSinkDMus supports the following methods:







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