IPortWaveRT interface

The IPortWaveRT interface is supported in Windows Vista and later operating systems and it is the main interface that the WaveRT port driver exposes to the adapter driver that implements the WaveRT miniport driver object.

To create an IPortWaveRT object, the adapter driver calls PcNewPort and specifies IID_IPortWaveRT as the REFIID. The GUID constant IID_IPortWaveRT is defined in header file Portcls.h.

An adapter driver forms a port-miniport driver pair by binding an IPortWaveRT object to an IMiniportWaveRT object. The PortCls system driver registers the pair with the system as a wave filter.

IPortWaveRT inherits the methods in the IPort interface; it provides no additional methods.

The IPortWaveRTStream interface is supported in Windows Vista and later operating systems, and it is a stream-specific interface that provides helper methods for use by the WaveRT miniport driver.


The IPortWaveRT interface inherits from the IUnknown interface but does not have additional members.






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