The IPortWavePciStream interface is the stream-associated callback interface that provides mapping services to WavePci miniport stream objects. In Windows 98/Me and in Windows 2000 and later, the WavePci port driver implements this interface and exposes it to the miniport driver. The port driver provides a reference to an IPortWavePciStream object to each miniport stream object that it creates. IPortWavePciStream inherits from the IUnknown interface.

The stream is associated with a pin on the WavePci filter, which the adapter driver forms by binding the port and miniport drivers. The port driver calls the IMiniportWavePci::NewStream method to create the miniport stream object; the port driver passes an IPortWavePciStream reference as one of the call parameters.

In addition to the methods that IPortWavePciStream inherits from the IUnknown interface, IPortWavePciStream supports the following methods:






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