The IPortDMus interface is the DMus port driver's primary interface. In Windows 98/Me and in Windows 2000 and later, the PortCls system driver implements this interface and exposes it to the adapter driver that implements the IMiniportDMus object. An adapter driver creates an IPortWaveDMus object by calling PcNewPort with REFIID IID_IPortWaveDMus (see the code example in Subdevice Creation). IPortDMus inherits from the IPortMidi interface.

An adapter driver forms a miniport/port driver pair by binding an IMiniportDMus object to an IPortDMus object. The PortCls system driver registers this pair with the system as a DirectMusic filter (see MIDI and DirectMusic Filters).

In addition to the methods that IPortDMus inherits from the IPortMidi interface, IPortDMus supports the following methods:





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