The IMiniportWaveCyclic interface is the primary interface that is exposed by the miniport driver for a WaveCyclic audio device. In Windows 98/Me and in Windows 2000 and later, the WaveCyclic port driver communicates with the miniport driver through this interface. The adapter driver creates the WaveCyclic miniport object and passes the object's IMiniportWaveCyclic interface pointer to the WaveCyclic port driver's IPort::Init method (see the code example in Subdevice Creation). IMiniportWaveCyclic inherits from the IMiniport interface.

An adapter driver forms a miniport/port driver pair by binding an IMiniportWaveCyclic object to an IPortWaveCyclic object. The PortCls system driver registers this pair with the system as a wave filter.

The IMiniportWaveCyclic interface provides a method for initializing the miniport object and a method for creating a miniport stream object. The stream object is associated with a pin on the WaveCyclic filter, which the adapter driver forms by binding the miniport object and the port object together.

In addition to the methods that IMiniportWaveCyclic inherits from the IMiniport interface, IMiniportWaveCyclic supports the following methods:





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