The IMiniportTopology interface is the primary interface of a Topology miniport driver. Through this interface, the miniport driver exposes the topology of the mixing circuitry in an audio adapter. In a typical adapter, this circuitry mixes together the playback streams from the wave renderer and MIDI synthesizer. In Windows 98/Me and in Windows 2000 and later, the Topology port driver communicates with the miniport driver through the IMiniportTopology interface. The adapter driver creates the topology miniport object and passes the object's IMiniportTopology interface pointer to the topology port driver's IPort::Init method (see the code example in Subdevice Creation). IMiniportTopology inherits from the IMiniport interface.

An adapter driver forms a miniport/port driver pair by binding an IMiniportTopology object to an IPortTopology object. The PortCls system driver registers this pair with the system as a topology filter.

Through a sequence of property requests, the mixer API uses the topology filter to enumerate the pins, nodes, and connections that comprise the internal topology of the audio adapter. The filter also supports the acquisition of control-change information. The pins of a topology filter represent hardwired connections within the adapter and therefore cannot be instantiated. For more information, see Kernel Streaming Topology to Audio Mixer API Translation.

In addition to the methods that IMiniportTopology inherits from the IMiniport interface, IMiniportTopology supports the following method:




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