IMiniportMidi::Init method

The Init method initializes the MIDI miniport object.


  [in]  PUNKNOWN      UnknownAdapter,
  [in]  PRESOURCELIST ResourceList,
  [in]  PPORTMIDI     Port,
  [out] PSERVICEGROUP *ServiceGroup


UnknownAdapter [in]

Pointer to the IUnknown interface of the adapter object whose miniport object is being initialized. This parameter is optional and can be specified as NULL. For more information, see the following Remarks section.

ResourceList [in]

Pointer to IResourceList interface of the resource list object that is to be supplied to the miniport driver during initialization. After passing this reference to the miniport driver, the port driver is free to examine the contents of the resource list but will not modify the contents of this list. For more information, see the following Remarks section.

Port [in]

Pointer to the IPortMidi object that is bound to this miniport object. The caller specifies a valid, non-NULL pointer value for this parameter.

ServiceGroup [out]

Output pointer for the service group. This parameter points to a caller-allocated pointer variable into which the method writes a pointer to the IServiceGroup interface of the miniport driver's service group object. This is the service group that is being registered for interrupt notification. The caller specifies a valid, non-NULL pointer value for this parameter.

Return value

Init returns STATUS_SUCCESS if the call was successful. Otherwise, the method returns an appropriate error code.


The UnknownAdapter parameter is optional:

  • If UnknownAdapter is non-NULL, the Init method queries the UnknownAdapter object for its IInterruptSync interface.

  • If UnknownAdapter is NULL, the Init method calls PcNewInterruptSync to create a new IInterruptSync object. In this case, the resource list that ResourceList points to supplies the interrupt resource that the new IInterruptSync object uses.

In either case, the Init method and calls the RegisterServiceRoutine method on the IInterruptSync object in order to add the miniport driver's interrupt service routine (ISR) to the list of interrupt sync routines. When the adapter driver later frees the port object, the port driver releases its reference to the IInterruptSync object.

The UnknownAdapter and ResourceList parameters are the same pointer values that the adapter driver earlier passed as parameters to the IPortMidi object's Init method (see IPort::Init).

The UnknownAdapter, ResourceList, Port, and ServiceGroup parameters follow the reference-counting conventions for COM objects.


Target platform



Portcls.h (include Portcls.h)



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