The IAudioSystemEffectsCustomFormats interface is supported in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows. When you develop an audio processing object (APO) to drive an audio adapter with an atypical format, the APO must support the IAudioSystemEffectsCustomFormats interface.

The Windows operating system can instantiate your APO outside the audio engine and use the IAudioSystemEffectsCustomFormats interface to retrieve information about the atypical format. The associated user interface displays the data that is retrieved.

Important  Although the IAudioSystemEffectsCustomFormats interface continues to be supported in Windows, note that the type of APO to which you can apply this interface depends on the version of Windows you are targeting. The following table provides more information:
Target OSTarget APO type
Windows VistaGlobal effects (GFX)
Windows 7Global effects (GFX)
Windows 8Global effects (GFX)
Windows 8.1Endpoint effects (EFX)


The IAudioSystemEffectsCustomFormats interface inherits from IUnknown and also supports the following methods:






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