IAdapterPowerManagement::QueryDeviceCapabilities method

The QueryDeviceCapabilities method is called by PortCls in response to a Plug and Play IRP_MN_QUERY_CAPABILITIES IRP.


NTSTATUS QueryDeviceCapabilities(


PowerDeviceCaps [in]

Pointer to a DEVICE_CAPABILITIES structure specifying the device's capabilities

Return value

QueryDeviceCapabilities returns STATUS_SUCCESS if call was successful. Otherwise, the method returns an appropriate error code.


This method is called at driver startup to get the capabilities for the device. The method passes to the adapter driver a capabilities structure that defines the mappings between system power states and device power states. PortCls writes the default values for these mappings into the structure before calling the method. During the call, the adapter driver has the opportunity to edit the mappings, if necessary.

Typically, the adapter driver should not change these settings. If the adapter driver must override the defaults, it can change the mappings to a deeper (less-powered) device power state but not to a weaker (more-powered) device power state. For example, the mappings for S1 (PowerSystemSleeping1) can be changed from D1 to D3, but not to D0.

In order to fill in the PowerDeviceCaps structure for a device, the adapter driver should call PcRegisterAdapterPowerManagement to register the IAdapterPowerManagement interface at device-startup time. The operating system queries devices before calling the adapter driver's device-startup routine.

In order to change the mappings between system power states and device power states, the adapter driver changes the values in the DeviceState array in the PowerDeviceCaps structure. These mappings should be changed only if necessary. The following code example shows how to map D1 mappings to D3:

  for (i=ULONG(PowerSystemWorking); i<=ULONG(PowerSystemShutdown); i++)
          if (PowerDeviceCaps->DeviceState[i] == PowerDeviceD1)
              PowerDeviceCaps->DeviceState[i] = PowerDeviceD3;

The code for the QueryDeviceCapabilities method must reside in paged memory.


Target platform



Portcls.h (include Portcls.h)

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