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Default Audio Endpoint Selection in Windows 7

Describes how the Windows 7 audio subsystem selects the default audio endpoint.

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The Windows 7 audio subsystem uses an algorithm with enhanced heuristics for default audio endpoint selection. This paper describes these heuristics and how the Windows 7audio subsystem uses them to select the default audio endpoint. For you to best understand the new Windows 7 selection mechanism, this paper also explains how default audio endpoint selection occurs in Windows Vista. The target audience of this paper is OEMs and IHVs.

Included in this white paper:

  • Basic algorithm for default audio endpoint selection
  • Endpoint TimeStamp property
  • Windows Vista default audio endpoint heuristic
  • Windows 7 default audio endpoint heuristic
  • Windows 7 inbox heuristic settings
  • Windows 7 OEM heuristics customization



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