Mobile Battery Life Solutions for Windows 7

This guide outlines issues and solutions for advancing battery life for portable computers that run the Windows 7 operating system. It provides system design, power policy guidelines, and preinstallation configuration recommendations as well as test configuration recommendations.

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This guide is an updated version of the Mobile Battery Life Solutions Guide for Windows Vista. Many of the recommendations are the same for designing both Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms for optimal battery life. However, to simplify reading, we provide a separate version of the guide for Windows 7. The Windows 7 guide includes optimization information based on new operating system features and validation utilities.

The guide is intended for system and component designers, driver developers, test managers, and preinstallation image engineers who design, deliver, and maintain portable computer products that deliver a great customer experience with Windows.

This guide also provides useful information for enterprise information technology (IT) professionals who need technical information to support hardware investment and management decisions for their portable computer users.

What's New:

This paper includes information specific to Windows 7 based on new operating system features and validation utilities.

In this white paper:

  • Why We Need Battery Life Solutions
  • Selecting the Hardware Platform for Power Efficiency
  • Device and Driver Performance and Power
  • Operating System Configuration of Power Policy
  • Preinstalled Software and Energy Efficiency
  • Evaluating and Measuring Battery Life

You can find the previous version of this paper, which applies to Windows Vista, at:



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