XPS Sample Documents

Download these sample XPS documents to test a variety of XPS Document features.

Important  If your printer is not working properly and the problem has something to do with Open XML Paper Specification or the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, please see Fix Printer Problems.

This collection of sample XPS Documents can be downloaded and used to test a variety of XPS Document features. These sample documents were generated from different sources; some were generated by hand while others were generated by 2007 Microsoft Office system applications, the Microsoft XPS Document Writer (MXDW), and the Windows Presentation Foundation that is included in .NET Framework 3.0.

These documents are compatible with v1.0 of the specifications and .NET Framework 3.0. The archive file for this download contains the readme.txt and known issues.txt files, and the license agreement. Review to these files before using the sample document files.

XPS Sample Documents v1.0 (July 2007) Download



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