Optical Platform on Windows

Using Windows Optical Platform, application developers can add support for optical devices and media without having to develop optical ecosystem expertise.

The optical platform has been designed so that it can be expanded by software application developers to support new features. For the optical platform to support an optical device, the device must support the industry specifications that are described as part of the Windows Logo program. The Windows image mastering API (IMAPI) enables applications to stage and burn images to CD and DVD optical storage media. Other disk-like media that handle images in the same manner can also use this API. IMAPI samples linked through this site give developers insight into development using IMAPI.

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MMC Get Event Status Notification and Windows

This articles provides information about how to implement the GET EVENT STATUS NOTIFICATION commands for Multi-Media Command Set-5 (MMC) compliant devices in Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and future versions of Windows.

Optical Platform Changes in Windows 8

This article describes the new features and changes in the Optical Platform for Windows 8.


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