Picture and video import device recommendations in Windows 7

Updated: July 9, 2009

This topic describes device recommendations to improve the performance and user experience with the import of pictures and videos in Windows 7.

This information applies to the following operating system:

  • Windows 7

Support of the GetNumObjects operation

Devices that connect to a computer by using the inbox MTP or PTP driver should support the GetNumObjects operation. This improves the user experience with media enumeration on the device by supporting a determinate-style progress bar during enumeration. This progress bar compares to the progress bar that is used during the file transfer phase.

The following figure shows the determinate progress bar.

. Determinate progress bar

If the device does not support the GetNumObjects operation, an indeterminate progress bar is used because the picture and video import feature of AutoPlay or Device Stage cannot reliably determine the progress during the media enumeration phase. Therefore, the user experience is not optimal because the user is not given a hint as to the overall progress of the media enumeration.

The following figure shows the indeterminate-style progress bar.

Indeterminate progress bar

For more information about the GetNumObjects operation, see Section D.2.6 or MTP Property code 0x1006 in the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) Specification.

Multimedia synchronization detection for camera-equipped devices by using MTP

Camera-equipped devices should support the Hints service and SyncID property as specified in MTP. In Windows 7, this support provides the best performance with picture and video import from multifunction devices that have many non-picture and non-video files.

The MTP Hints service enables the device to report on the preferred storage locations for various content types. In a device that supports this service, the import performance improves because only the locations of the picture and video hints are searched.

By supporting the SyncID property, devices improve import performance by preventing unnecessary import of synchronized video files. Videos that are synchronized to a device by using an application that supports the SyncID property (such as Microsoft Windows Media Player) are not imported. Users can manually copy these pictures and videos to their computer by using Windows Explorer.

For more information about the MTP Hints service, see MTP Device Services for Windows.

For more information about MTP SyncID property, see Section B.2.16 or MTP Property code 0xDC42 in the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) Specification.

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