Microphone array support in Windows

This paper describes the research and implementation details that provide the foundation for the Windows support for microphone arrays; provides specific design and implementation guidelines for microphone array designs that will work well with Windows.

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Under less than ideal conditions, even the best microphone embedded in a laptop or a computer monitor does a poor job of capturing sound. An array of microphones can do a better job of isolating a sound source and rejecting ambient noise and reverberation. This paper provides information about the advantages that microphone arrays can offer, and about the support for microphone arrays that is provided in Windows Vista and later operating systems.

If you are a laptop or computer monitor manufacturer, or a designer working to provide better quality captured sound by integrating microphone arrays, or if you are a hardware manufacturer designing Windows-based external USB Audio microphone arrays, then this paper provides the design guidelines for building microphone arrays that will work well with Windows Vista and later operating systems.

Included in this white paper:

  • Microphone Arrays as PC Product Solutions: An Overview
  • Windows Vista and Microphone Array Solutions
  • About Microphone Arrays
  • Microphone Array Characteristics
  • Supported Microphone Array Geometries
  • Design Considerations
  • Next Steps



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