Display brightness

The default display brightness is configured as a power policy setting with separate on-battery and plugged-in brightness levels.

This setting, referred to as display brightness, is described in Table 1 Display brightness setting. Each time the user changes the display brightness through the UI sliders or brightness hot keys, the display brightness policy setting is updated for the current power source (such as on-battery) and power plan (such as balanced).

Table 1 Display brightness setting

NameDisplay brightness
Description This setting applies only to portable computers that support Windows control of the brightness level of an integrated display device.
GUID aded5e82-b909-4619-9949-f5d71dac0bcb
PowerCfg Alias-
Minimum Value 0
Maximum Value 100
Label Percentage (%)
Hidden No
Operating System Versions Available in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.




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