Call to action and resources (threat modeling for drivers)

This article contains call to action recommendations and resources for threat modeling for drivers.

Call to action

For driver developers:

  • Make threat modeling a required part of driver design.
  • Stay current with the latest security news and bulletins.
  • Become familiar with the security and reliability issues that apply to your driver and device type. For more information, see the device-specific sections of the Windows DDK.
  • Understand which checks the operating system, I/O manager, and any higher-level drivers perform before user requests reach your driver—and which checks they do not perform.
  • Use tools from the Windows DDK and the WHDC web site to test and verify your driver.


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Microsoft Hardware and Driver Developer Information

Common Driver Reliability Problems white paper

Cancel Logic in Windows Drivers white paper

Windows Security Model: What Every Driver Writer Needs to Know white paper

Microsoft Windows Driver Development Kit (DDK)

See “Driver Programming Techniques” in “Kernel-Mode Drivers Architecture”

Certification Program Requirements and Policies



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