The white balance mode property specifies the whether auto processing occurs for white balance or a manual temperature value is used instead.

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The property value (operation data) contains a KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_HEADER structure and a KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCSETTING structure.

The total property data size is sizeof(KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_HEADER) + sizeof(KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCSETTING). The Size member of KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_HEADER is set to this total property data size.

The Capability member of KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_HEADER contains a bitwise OR combination of one or more of the following video processing options.

Processing modeDescription
KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCFLAG_AUTOCamera driver uses its own processing logic for video.
KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCFLAG_MANUALCamera driver uses a preset processing method or a temperature based method.
KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCFLAG_LOCKThe current video processing method is locked.


The Flags member of KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_HEADER contains the video processing flag currently set for the camera. The KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCFLAG_AUTO setting may be combined with KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCFLAG_LOCK.

This property control is asynchronous.


Processing modes


This indicates that auto processing is supported. The driver will use its internal logic to optimize the video processing. For a KSPROPERTY_TYPE_GET request, the VideoProc member of KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCSETTING must contain the current driver determined value for the video processing. In the case of White Balance, it must contain the current temperature in Kelvin. The Mode member is ignored for auto operation.

This flag may be combined with KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCFLAG_LOCK as a bitwise OR value. When locked, the expected behavior of the camera driver is to converge on white balance and lock the white balance value to the converged value, not attempting to auto-white balance again, until a new white balance command is received.

Locking, without combining Auto mode, an already locked control should be treated as a no-op by the camera driver. Locking, in combination with Auto mode, an already locked control should trigger a new convergence.


Manual indicates that for this video processing, the specific values are provided. In the case of white balance, if the Mode member of KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCSETTING indicates KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_WHITEBALANCE_TEMPERATURE, the VideoProc.Value.ul will contain the temperature value in degrees Kelvin.


The lock option flag indicates that the current video processing is locked to whatever value is currently programmed. For example, an application may request auto mode until a specific white balance is determined, At that point the application will decide to take a sequence of photos all with the same white balance setting. In such a case, the application may specify the KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCFLAG_LOCK flag. The camera driver will ensure the white balance information does not change across the different photos.

Getting the property

When responding to a KSPROPERTY_TYPE_GET request, the driver sets the members of the KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_HEADER to the following.



CapabilityKSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_CAPS_ASYNCCONTROL | (Video processing mode supported)
FlagsThe current video processing mode.


If no white balance mode was previously set, then the driver sets Flags to KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCFLAG_AUTO (default). The members of the KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCSETTING structure that follows KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_HEADER are set according to the requirements of the processing mode.

Setting the property

When the property is set, a KSPROPERTY_TYPE_SET request, the Flags member of KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_HEADER will contain the white balance mode to set. The VideoProc.Value member of KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCSETTING must be ignored when Flags contains the KSCAMERA_EXTENDEDPROP_VIDEOPROCFLAG_AUTO mode flag.



Available starting with Windows 8.1.


Ksmedia.h (include Ksmedia.h)

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