Mouse Mode

Mouse Mode

Test name


Core requirements tested

  • Device.Digitizer.PrecisionTouchPad.HIDCompliance.MouseMode

  • Device.Input.PrecisionTouchpad.HIDCompliance.TouchpadMode

Test purpose

Verifies that the device is able to support mouse mode reporting and input mode switching.

Tools required


Validation steps

  1. Verify that test machine has test signing turned on. See Windows Precision Touchpad Device Validation Guide for instructions.

  2. Start Test.MouseMode.json.

  3. Move one finger on touchpad and verify the following:

    1. The mouse cursor moves as expected.

    2. PTLogo should show no contact visualization on the screen, and clicking should not turn the bar green.

  4. If the above conditions are met, manually pass the iteration; otherwise, fail the iteration.

Common errors



1/1 (100%) iterations must pass in order to complete with passing status.

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