Device Height

Test name


Core requirements tested


Test purpose

Verifies that the device sensor meets or exceeds minimum height requirement of 32mm.

Tools required

  • PTLogo.exe

  • Ruler or micrometer

Validation steps

  1. Start Test.DeviceHeight.json.

  2. Measure touchpad height with a ruler or micrometer.

  3. Assuming Y is the reported sensor width, verify the following:

    1. The measured device width is between Y and (Y + 4).

    2. Y is >= 32mm.

  4. If these conditions are true, then manually pass the iteration; otherwise, manually fail the iteration.


    Because the sensor might be slightly smaller than the cover sheet, the measured height can be as much as 4mm greater than that which is reported by the device.


Common errors



1/1 (100%) iterations must pass in order to complete with passing status.

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