Windows Certification Newsletter - September 17, 2013

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Hardware certification policies and processes update

The Fast Track program

RTM version of the Windows HCK for Windows 8.1 available

HCK 2.0 will retire on November 30

HCK QFE 02 for Windows 8.1 RTM now available

Hardware certification policies and processes update

Take a look at the updated Windows Hardware Certification Policies and Processes document for certification testing policies, information about product submission, and business requirements.

The Fast Track program

The Fast Track program to make your drivers available for Windows 8.1 is the quickest method to ensure that your customers have the right drivers for the new release. By making these drivers available on Windows Update, you can help ensure that our joint customers will automatically receive the correct driver after they upgrade to Windows 8.1. We expect that most Windows 8 users will upgrade their systems with the free Windows 8.1 update.

To those partners who have already used this program and are ready for launch, thank you. If you haven’t, read on to learn how to participate and provide the best possible user experience.

You can fast-track Windows 8 certified devices listed in the table below for Windows 8.1 certification if:

  • The device was previously certified for Windows 8.

  • The device's binaries haven't changed since the submission for Windows 8, and only the INF is updated to reflect the new Windows version.

If the device meets these criteria, here's how you can create a submission:

  1. Use the new Windows HCK for Windows 8.1, create a Windows 8.1 project, and run the Device.DevFund INF test.

  2. Use the Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard to package the results for submission upload.

  3. Include the previous Windows 8 submission ID in the README file.

  4. Reference errata ID 2657, "Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 driver certification update special," in the README file.

Submissions are reviewed for these items:

  1. The earlier Windows certification is referenced in the README file.

  2. The DevFund INF test passes.

  3. No driver binary changes occurred. (We test this by using WinDiff.)

If the review is successful, the submission is free.

Certified Windows 8 devices and drivers that you can resubmit for Windows 8.1 using the plan above

Digital Video Camera

Digital Media Renderer

Digital Still Camera

Distribution Scan Management Enabled Device

Enterprise WSD Multifunction Printer

Game Controller

Generic Controller

Graphics Tablet

Hard Drive – HDD, SSD




Multifunction Printer

Optical Drive

Pen Digitizer


Removable Storage



SDIO Controller

Signature Tablet

Smart Card

Smart Card Reader

Storage Array

Storage Controller (Client)

Storage Spaces Adapter (Client)

Storage Spaces Drive

Storage Spaces Enclosure


Touch Monitor


WSD Multifunction

WSD Printer

WSD Scanner


RTM version of the Windows HCK for Windows 8.1 available

You can now download a new version of the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK). This release of the HCK includes all QFEs released since the release of HCK for Windows 8.1 Preview, plus additional test fixes that didn’t make it into a QFE release. You can download the kit here.

HCK 2.0 will retire on November 30

We’d like to remind our partners that HCK 2.0 submissions to the Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard will no longer be accepted after November 30, 2013.

HCK QFE 02 for Windows 8.1 RTM now available

For information about QFE updates, see Windows Hardware Certification Kit QFE Updates.

To get the latest QFEs for the Windows HCK, run HCKSetup.exe. The Windows HCK download includes all previous QFE updates.

Windows Hardware Certification Kit QFE Updates

Download and install HCK to get the QFE

Download the QFE now


Before applying the QFE, close all active DTM Studio sessions. Applying this QFE might affect in-progress submissions, so please complete any submissions before applying the QFE. After installing this QFE, you'll need to regenerate any affected submission that was generated before the QFE was installed.


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