WiFi Direct Scenario Tests - ReInvoke Stress

This test suite verifies basic Wi-Fi Direct (WFD) pairing and ReInvoke Invitation in a stress loop.

Test details

Associated requirements

Device.Network.WLAN.CSBWiFiDirect.SupportAtLeast2WiFiDirectPortsConcurrently Device.Network.WLAN.CSBWiFiDirect.SupportAtLeast4Clients Device.Network.WLAN.WiFiDirect.SupportAtLeast2WiFiDirectPortsConcurrently Device.Network.WLAN.WiFiDirect.SupportAtLeast4Clients

See the device hardware requirements.


Windows RT 8.1 Windows 8.1 x64 Windows 8.1 x86

Expected run time

~30 minutes


Certification Reliability




Running the test

Before you run the test, complete the test setup as described in the test requirements: Wireless LAN (802.11) Testing Prerequisites.

This test suite does the following:

ReInvoke Invitation Stress:

  1. The system under test (SUT) acts as a listener and waits in discoverable mode.

  2. The device under test (DUT) discovers the SUT and pairs with it using the Device Association Framework (DAF).

  3. The DUT then waits for the connection to be automatically torn down in a few seconds.

  4. The DUT reconnects to the SUT.

  5. The DUT disconnects from the SUT.

  6. The reconnect and disconnect is repeated in a loop (15 times).

  7. The paired SUT is removed (DAF Remove Association).


For troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting Wireless LAN (802.11) Tests.

More information

Command syntax



The WPS PIN for WFD pairing.

Default Value: 12345670




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