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Webcam Controls Tests (System)

These set of tests validate cameras functionality if the driver supports KSPROPERTY_CAMERACONTROL_EXTENDED_*. If the driver does not support KSPROPERTY_CAMERACONTROL_EXTENDED_*, skip this test. This is an optional control.

If a driver does not support a control, do not implement a control handler. If a control handler is implemented, the registered test will expect the control to be fully functional.

If a driver implements a control handler, the following checks run (based on the definition of the controls):

  • The test verifies default values and validates that the appropriate property is advertised on the correct pin or filter level.

  • The test enumerates possible control values during the times that pins are streaming and not streaming.

  • Scenario tests are run on the control to determine the end-to-end functionality.

Implementation of extended controls, such as photo mode, require that you implement additional extended controls.

Test details


Associated requirements


See the system hardware requirements.


Windows RT 8.1
Windows 8.1 x64
Windows 8.1 x86

Expected run time

~30 minutes





Running the test

Before you run the test, complete the test setup as described in the test requirements: System Client Testing Prerequisites and Webcam Testing Prerequisites.


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