PFN_HANDLE_KMD_MESSAGE callback function

Called by the operating system to handle the asynchronous kernel-mode message that the Miracast user-mode driver receives when the display miniport driver calls the DxgkCbMiracastSendMessage function.


PFN_HANDLE_KMD_MESSAGE HandleKernelModeMessage;

NTSTATUS HandleKernelModeMessage(
  _In_  PVOID pMiracastContext,
  _In_  UINT  InputBufferSize,
  _In_  VOID  *pInputBuffer,
  _In_  UINT  OutputBufferSize,
  _Out_ VOID  *pOutputBuffer,
  _Out_ UINT  *pBytesReturned
{ ... }


pMiracastContext [in]

A pointer to a context associated with a display adapter.

The operating system obtained the context when it called the Miracast user-mode driver's CreateMiracastContext function.

InputBufferSize [in]

The size of the input buffer pInputBuffer, supplied by the operating system.

pInputBuffer [in]

A pointer to the input buffer, supplied by the operating system.

OutputBufferSize [in]

The size of the output buffer pOutputBuffer, supplied by the operating system.

pOutputBuffer [out]

A pointer to the output buffer, supplied by the operating system.

pBytesReturned [out]

A pointer to a buffer, supplied by the operating system, that holds the number of returned bytes that the display miniport driver wrote in pOutputBuffer.

Return value

On success, this function returns STATUS_SUCCESS. Otherwise, the function returns an error code defined in the Ntstatus.h header.


Thread Safety

When this function is called, it's possible that it has also been called in another thread. The driver is therefore responsible for synchronizing multiple calls to HandleKernelModeMessage if necessary.

The operating system guarantees that this function is not called when CreateMiracastContext, DestroyMiracastContext, StartMiracastSession, and StopMiracastSession are called. All the messages that the display miniport driver sends during the startup of a Miracast connected session (StartMiracastSession) are blocked until the session startup process has completed. The operating system also blocks all messages that the display miniport driver sends during or after a call to stop the Miracast session (StopMiracastSession).


Minimum supported client

Windows 8.1

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012 R2

Target platform


Netdispumdddi.h (include Netdispumdddi.h)

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