SMI-S and SLPv2

The storage service can use SLPv2 (Service Location Protocol, Version 2) to locate SMI-S servers. SLPv2 is a mandatory requirement for any SMI-S implementation. It allows locating the SMI servers from which you can discover the entire management environment. By default, SLP support might not be enabled and it requires some configuration for better scalability and to cross subnets efficiently.

The storage service uses SLPv2 in the following ways:

  • To search for SMI-S servers that advertise via SLP (a requirement for a compliant SMI-S implementation). This is exposed only through the Search-SmisProvider cmdlet.
  • To retrieve attributes of a WBEM service that describes the capabilities of the SMI-S implementation.

These are separate capabilities and are used in different ways. There are also several registry keys used by the storage service to control the searches.

This section contains the following SLPv2 topics:



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