Protocol Details

The storage service follows RFC2608 and supports the following features:

  • Port usage: UDP port 427
  • Multicast group:
  • Service Request (SrvRqst) – UDP, multicast to group/broadcast/unicast to known Discovery Agents (DA).
  • Service Reply (SrvRply) – UDP, unicast from DAs or Service Agents (SA).

The following is a list of supported and unsupported features for the SrvRqst message.

  • Supported
    • Service Type : "service:wbem"
    • Scopes
    • Predicate List: "(RegisteredProfilesSupported=*SNIA*)"
    • Language: en
  • Not supported
    • PRList – Previous Responder List
    • SLP SPI

The following are the message types used for communication to each provider during discovery of the objects that the provider knows about.

  • Attribute Request (AttrRqst) – UDP, unicast to every SMI-S provider during discovery.
  • Attribute Reply (AttrRply) – UDP, unicast from SA to the storage service.

Service agents must use the approved WBEM SLP Template 1.0 and return at least the following attributes.

  • InteropSchemaNamespace
  • Namespace
  • CommunicationMechanism
  • Service-hi-description
  • RegisteredProfilesSupported - At least SMI-S and Array/Fabric/Storage Virtualizer
  • AuthenticationMechanismsSupported
Note  A new version 2.0 of the template has been developed, but is not yet supported by SMI-S. This is not backward compatible with the 1.0 template and it is not currently supported by the storage service.



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