A SERCX2PIOTRANSMIT object handle is an opaque reference to a PIO-transmit object in version 2 of the serial framework extension (SerCx2).


The SerCx2PioTransmitCreate method creates a PIO-transmit object. SerCx2 uses this object to manage I/O transactions that use programmed I/O (PIO) to write data to the serial controller. This object is opaque to serial controller drivers. SerCx2PioTransmitCreate supplies, as an output parameter, a SERCX2PIOTRANSMIT handle to the newly created PIO-transmit object. SerCx2 and the serial controller driver use this handle to refer to the object in subsequent PIO-transmit transactions. For more information, see SerCx2 PIO-Transmit Transactions.

After SerCx2PioTransmitCreate creates the PIO-transmit object, this object exists for the lifetime of the framework device object that represents the serial controller device. The PIO-transmit object is automatically deleted when the device object is deleted. The serial controller driver must not try to delete the PIO-transmit object by calling a method such as WdfObjectDelete.

A serial controller driver must create one and only one PIO-transmit object. The driver must create this object before creating either a system-DMA-transmit object or a custom-transmit object. For more information about system-DMA-transmit objects, see SERCX2SYSTEMDMATRANSMIT. For more information about custom-transmit objects, see SERCX2CUSTOMTRANSMIT.




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