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A SERCX2CUSTOMRECEIVE object handle is an opaque reference to a custom-receive object in version 2 of the serial framework extension (SerCx2).


The SerCx2CustomReceiveCreate method creates a custom-receive object. SerCx2 uses this object to manage I/O transactions that use a custom data-transfer mechanism to read data from the serial controller. This object is opaque to serial controller drivers. SerCx2CustomReceiveCreate supplies, as an output parameter, a SERCX2CUSTOMRECEIVE handle to the newly created custom-receive object. SerCx2 and the serial controller driver use this handle to refer to the object in subsequent calls to SerCx2 methods and event callback functions.

After SerCx2CustomReceiveCreate creates the custom-receive object, this object exists for the lifetime of the framework device object that represents the serial controller device. The custom-receive object is automatically deleted when the device object is deleted. The serial controller driver must not try to delete the custom-receive object by calling a method such as WdfObjectDelete.

A serial controller driver can, as an option, create a custom-receive object, but can create no more than one such object. The driver can create this object only under the following conditions:

  • The driver previously created a PIO-receive object.
  • The driver has not created a system-DMA-receive object.

For more information about PIO-receive objects, see SERCX2PIORECEIVE. For more information about system-DMA-receive objects, see SERCX2SYSTEMDMARECEIVE.




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