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Connect Page

The Connect option lets you view hckx files. This feature is useful if you need to share an .hckx file with another person.

An .hckx file is a compressed file format created by HCK Studio. An .hckx file, also known as a submission package, is what you submit for certification. An .hckx file must be digitally signed to be a valid submission package.

View an .hckx package

HCK Studio supports viewing .hckx packages. For example, if you want to troubleshoot a test offline, you can open an existing .hckx package using the Connect option. In this mode, you can view all details of the project, including pass/fail results and log files.


You cannot open an .hckx package created from a previous release of the HCK. The version of HCK Studio and the package you want to view must be the same.

  1. From HCK Studio, click Connect.

  2. Select Package option, and then click Browse to open an existing .hckx package.

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