Devices Without Drivers

Devices Without Drivers

On the Devices without Drivers tab, you can see the list of your devices whose drivers are not available from Windows Update, but whose drivers have been tested and certified.

BR230802.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifView your devices without drivers

  1. From either the Windows Dev Center or the Hardware Dev Center, sign in to the dashboard with your Microsoft account. Then click Driver distribution on the left side of the window.

  2. To sort the list of devices without drivers, click one of the following column headings:

    Column headingDefinition

    Hardware ID

    The ID associated with the device.

    Product Name

    The name of the product or device without a driver.


    The device type.

    Sub. ID (Submission ID

    The ID associated with the submission. You can click a link to open the Submission ID Details page, and see the current distribution status or modify the distribution date. You can also enter the submission ID into the Go to Submission Details box, and then click Go.

    Driver Version

    The version of the driver. You can click a link to download the driver package for this submission, and confirm that it is the package you want to distribute.

    Arch. (Architecture)

    The compatible processor architecture for the device.

    Driver Date

    The date listed in the DriverVer section of the submitted INF file.

    DNF (Driver not found)

    The number of times during the last 180 days that users have been unable to find a driver for this device on Windows Update.


  3. By default, the list displays devices with submissions made in the last 30 days. To change the display, use the Results filter. For more information about the results filter, see Filter and Search Your Submissions.

  4. To view the details for a specific submission, on the left side of the window, in the Go to Submission Details box, enter the submission ID. Then click Go.

  5. To view the data in Microsoft Excel, click Export to Excel.


If you want to distribute a driver through Windows Update, select the driver you want to distribute, and then under Distribute Driver for Windows 7, click Click to distribute now.


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