Update a code signing certificate

As a Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard administrator, you’re responsible for keeping your digital certificate information up to date. When the original certificate expires, you’ll need to get a new certificate and upload a new file signed with your new digital certificate.

If you’re registering your company on dashboard for the first time, see Establish a new company.

Starting March 13, 2014, code signing certificate requirements for Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard have changed to include:

  • Extended validation (EV) code signing certificates. EV code signing certificates are required for:

    1. LSA plug-ins

    2. UEFI submissions (starting August 15, 2014)

  • A new certificate authority, DigiCert, in addition to Symantec

For more information about code signing requirements, see Get a code signing certificate.

To update a code signing certificate

Step 1: Renew your code signing certificate

  1. Determine which type of code signing certificate you need (for more information, see Get a code signing certificate). UEFI and LSA certification now require extended validation code signing certificates.

  2. Get a new certificate or reuse an existing certificate.

  3. Once you receive your verified certificate from the certificate authority, you can sign and upload the Winqual.exe file following the instructions below.

When you register a new company on the dashboard, you must have a digital ID.

Step 2: Sign and upload your Winqual.exe file

  1. From the Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard, sign in as an administrator with your Microsoft account.

  2. Download the Winqual.exe file from the Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard, and sign it with the new digital certificate for your company using the SignTool.

  3. On the Administration page, in the Digital certificates tile, click Upload code for digital certification.

  4. On the Digital certificates page, click Browse to locate and select the Winqual.exe file that has been signed with the correct digital certificate for your company.

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