Submit Revised Drivers to Windows Update

On the submission details form for your driver package, you can change the way your drivers are distributed. You can then submit the revised drivers to Windows Update.

For more information about the Submission details page, see Driver Submission Details.


Windows 8.1 does not include 3rd-party GPU drivers in the default installation. When users update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 from the Store, certified GPU drivers are download via Dynamic Update during the OS update process.

For non-Store upgrades from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 (for example, running a Setup.exe upgrade), the latest GPU drivers are downloaded from Windows Update and are installed in the background during the user’s first Windows 8.1 login session by the Device Setup Manager (or when next connected to the Internet).

When driver developers use Driver Distribution Center to make certified GPU drivers available on Windows Update for Windows 8.1, they are automatically made available on Dynamic Update for delivery during subsequent Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Store upgrades, as well.


Standard or advanced distribution

If you just want to add or remove devices that use this driver from Windows Update, you can use standard distribution. If, you want to control who can use your driver (for example, if it will only be available for a test group), or if you want to download your distribution settings to Microsoft Excel, you should use the Advanced Distribution Wizard.

BR230770.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifUse standard distribution

  1. Sign in to the Dashboard from either the Hardware Dev Center or the Windows Dev Center by using a Microsoft account.

  2. On the Submission details page for the submission ID you are managing, in the Actions box, click Standard Distribution.

  3. In the list of devices, select or clear the check boxes for the hardware IDs you want to distribute or remove from distribution, and then click OK.

  • To distribute the driver for all of the listed hardware IDs, at the top of the list, select the system check boxes for the All entry.

  • If a hardware ID cannot be distributed, click the Not Distributable link under the relevant system for more information.

    If a HWID is not distributable for a particular version of Windows, the checkbox for that version of Windows is disabled. For example, v3 type printer drivers are not distributable for Windows 8 and higher. You must create v4 print drivers to submit for Windows 8 and higher versions.

  • If a hardware ID requires special targeting, click the Requires targeting link under the relevant system to open the Advanced Distribution Wizard.

  • If a hardware ID was distributed with special targeting, click the Targeted link under the relevant system to open the Advanced distribution page for that hardware ID.


You can use the Advanced Distribution Wizard both to distribute drivers to Windows Update, and to add special driver targeting to make sure that your drivers are available for specified groups, such as a test group.

BR230770.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifUse the Advanced Distribution Wizard

  1. From either the Hardware Dev Center or the Windows Dev Center, sign in to the dashboard with the Microsoft account you want to use for the submission.

  2. On the Submission details page for the submission ID you are managing, in the Actions box, click Advanced Distribution.

  3. On the Advanced Distribution page, select the check boxes for the hardware IDs you want to manage, and then click Next.

  4. To filter the results to show only the hardware IDs you are interested in, to the right of the list, enter your parameters in the Results filter.


    If you want to change all the hardware IDs in your current list, at the top of the list, click Check all or Uncheck all.


    When you have selected the appropriate hardware IDs, click Next.

  5. Review the current distribution settings, and add or remove targeting. The settings include the following:


    Public Groups

    Contains settings that are available to anyone, such as the owner of the submission or of the hardware ID.

    Your Private Groups

    Available if you have created private groups for the distribution of your drivers.

    Not Distributed

    The driver isn't available for any system that matches the description in the second column of the table, such as Everyone or a specific SMbios field.


    The driver is available only to systems setup with the Test distribution registry key. This can be done using the Windows Registry editor (regedit.exe). To do this, create a string named “TargetRing” with the value “Drivers” under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DriverFlighting\Partner\.


    The driver is available to any system that uses the selected hardware ID device.

    Original State

    Returns your driver to the original distribution setting.

    When you are satisfied with your selections, click Next to continue.


  6. Review the changes you made, and then either click Go Back to revise your entries, or click Finish.

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