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Core Enumerations

This section contains information about the following core enumerations:

D3D10_ASYNC_GETDATA_FLAG Optional flags that control what happens when data is retrieved by calling ID3D10Asynchronous::GetData.
D3D10_BLEND Blend options.
D3D10_BLEND_OP Blending operations between source and destination pixels.
D3D10_CLEAR_FLAG Specifies which parts of the depth stencil to clear.
D3D10_COLOR_WRITE_ENABLE Color writing masks.
D3D10_COMPARISON_FUNC Comparison functions.
D3D10_COUNTER Types of performance counters.
D3D10_COUNTER_TYPE Data type of a counter.
D3D10_CREATE_DEVICE_FLAG Device creation flags.
D3D10_CULL_MODE Rasterizer cull modes.
D3D10_DEPTH_WRITE_MASK Determines which portion of the depth stencil is writable.
D3D10_DEVICE_STATE_TYPES Used in ID3D10StateBlock Interface function calls.
D3D10_DRIVER_TYPE Type of device driver.
D3D10_FEATURE_LEVEL1 The version of hardware acceleration.
D3D10_FILL_MODE Rasterizer fill modes.
D3D10_FILTER Types of sampler filters.
D3D10_FILTER_TYPE Types of texture-sampling filters.
D3D10_FORMAT_SUPPORT Which resources are supported for a given format and given device. See ID3D10Device::CheckFormatSupport.
D3D10_INPUT_CLASSIFICATION Types of input data.
D3D10_MESSAGE_CATEGORY Categories of debug messages.
D3D10_MESSAGE_ID A debug message's unique ID.
D3D10_MESSAGE_SEVERITY Severity of a debug message.
D3D10_PRIMITIVE_TOPOLOGY Types of primitive topology or the way a primitive's data is arranged.
D3D10_QUERY Types of queries.
D3D10_QUERY_MISC_FLAG Flags that describe miscellaneous query behavior.
D3D10_RAISE_FLAG Flags that indicate how to handle internal driver errors.
D3D10_REGISTER_COMPONENT_TYPE The register component types, usually used in D3D10_SIGNATURE_PARAMETER_DESC.
D3D10_RESOURCE_RETURN_TYPE The return type of a resource. See D3D10_SHADER_INPUT_BIND_DESC.
D3D10_STENCIL_OP Stencil operations.
D3D10_TEXTURE_ADDRESS_MODE Actions to perform when a texture coordinate is outside of the boundaries of a texture.
D3D10_TEXTURECUBE_FACE The different faces of a cube texture.


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