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Device Management Control Codes

The following control codes are used with changer devices.

IOCTL_CHANGER_EXCHANGE_MEDIUM Moves a piece of media from a source element to one destination, and the piece of media originally in the first destination to a second destination.
IOCTL_CHANGER_GET_ELEMENT_STATUS Retrieves the status of all elements or a specified number of elements of a particular type.
IOCTL_CHANGER_GET_PARAMETERS Retrieves the parameters of the specified device.
IOCTL_CHANGER_GET_PRODUCT_DATA Retrieves the product data for the specified device.
IOCTL_CHANGER_GET_STATUS Retrieves the current status of the specified device.
IOCTL_CHANGER_INITIALIZE_ELEMENT_STATUS Initializes the status of all elements or the specified elements of a particular type.
IOCTL_CHANGER_MOVE_MEDIUM Moves a piece of media to a destination.
IOCTL_CHANGER_QUERY_VOLUME_TAGS Retrieves the volume tag information for the specified elements.
IOCTL_CHANGER_REINITIALIZE_TRANSPORT Physically recalibrates a transport element.
IOCTL_CHANGER_SET_ACCESS Sets the state of the device's insert/eject port, door, or keypad.
IOCTL_CHANGER_SET_POSITION Sets the changer's robotic transport mechanism to the specified element address.


The following control codes are used with device management.

Control codeOperation
IOCTL_STORAGE_CHECK_VERIFY Checks for change in a removable-media device.
IOCTL_STORAGE_EJECT_MEDIA Ejects media from a SCSI device.
IOCTL_STORAGE_EJECTION_CONTROL Enables or disables the mechanism that ejects media.
IOCTL_STORAGE_GET_DEVICE_NUMBER Retrieves the device type, device number, and, for a partitionable device, the partition number of a device.
IOCTL_STORAGE_GET_HOTPLUG_INFO Retrieves the hotplug configuration of the specified device.
IOCTL_STORAGE_GET_MEDIA_SERIAL_NUMBER Retrieves the serial number of a USB device.
IOCTL_STORAGE_GET_MEDIA_TYPES Retrieves the geometry information of the device.
IOCTL_STORAGE_GET_MEDIA_TYPES_EX Retrieves information about the types of media supported by a device.
IOCTL_STORAGE_LOAD_MEDIA Loads media into a device.
IOCTL_STORAGE_MCN_CONTROL Enables or disables media change notification.
IOCTL_STORAGE_MEDIA_REMOVAL Enables or disables the media eject mechanism.
IOCTL_STORAGE_READ_CAPACITY Retrieves the geometry information for the device.
IOCTL_STORAGE_SET_HOTPLUG_INFO Sets the hotplug configuration of the specified device.