windowsnumerics.h APIs

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The windowsnumerics.h header file defines C++ vector and matrix types in the Windows.Foundation.Numerics namespace. It extends the structs from Windows.Foundation.Numerics with a range of mathematical operators and functions.

This namespace is only available in C++. Its .NET equivalent is System.Numerics.

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float2 Structure

A vector with two components.

float3 Structure

A vector with three components.

float3x2 Structure

A 3x2 matrix, used for 2D transforms.

float4 Structure

A vector with four components.

float4x4 Structure

A 4x4 matrix, used for 3D transforms.

plane Structure

This structure represents a plane using a 3D vector normal and a distance value.

quaternion Structure

A four dimensional vector, used to represent a rotation.

Windows Numerics and DirectXMath Interop APIs

These functions convert Windows.Foundation.Numerics types to and from the DirectXMath SIMD types XMVECTOR and XMMATRIX.