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The Microsoft Windows Media Device Manager SDK is designed to assist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in designing portable devices that can be used with Windows Media Device Manager.

The following sections provide an introduction to using Windows Media Device Manager and implementing service providers.

Section Description
Getting Started Introduces basic requirements for development using Windows Media Device Manager.
Basic Functionality of Windows Media Device Manager Basic concepts and code examples using Windows Media Device Manager.
Implementing Service Providers Generic implementation examples of several methods from the service provider interfaces.
Reading and Writing Data with the IWMDMStorageControl Interface Data transfer examples.
Best Practices for Using Metering APIs Information about using the IWMDRMDeviceApp metering APIs effectively.
Sample Output of Device Capabilities for a Format An example of formatted output of device capabilities for a format.
Example Code for Freeing a WMDM_FORMAT_CAPABILITY Structure Demonstrates how to free the contents of a WMDM_ FORMAT_CAPABILITY structure after the information in it has been used.
WMDMApp Sample Application Demonstrates creation of a new playlist and enumeration of the item references contained in playlists.

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