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Divider Class

Divider Class

Represents the ability to analyze the layout of a collection of strokes and divide them into text and graphics.


Visual Basic .NET Public Class Divider
Inherits Object
Implements IDisposable
C# public class Divider : Object,
Managed C++ public __gc class Divider : public Object,

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the object.


Method Description
Dispose Releases resources used by the Divider object.
Divide Returns a DivisionResult object that contains structural information about the Strokes property of the Divider object.
Divider Initializes a new instance of the Divider class.
Equals Leave Site Determines whether two Object Leave Site instances are equal. Inherited from Object Leave Site.
Finalize Frees the resources of the current Divider object before it is reclaimed by the garbage collector.
GetHashCode Leave Site Serves as a hash function for a particular type, suitable for use in hashing algorithms and data structures like a hash table. Inherited from Object Leave Site.
GetType Leave Site Gets the Type Leave Site of the current instance. Inherited from Object Leave Site.
MemberwiseClone Leave Site Creates a shallow copy of the current Object Leave Site. Inherited from Object Leave Site.
static (Shared in Visual Basic .NET) ReferenceEquals Leave Site Determines whether the specified Object Leave Site instances are the same instance. Inherited from Object Leave Site.
ToString Leave Site Returns a String Leave Site that represents the current Object Leave Site. Inherited from Object Leave Site.


Property Description
LineHeight Gets or sets the expected handwriting height, in HIMETRIC units.
RecognizerContext Gets or sets the RecognizerContext object that the Divider object uses for handwriting analysis.
Strokes Gets or sets the Strokes collection on which the Divider object performs ink analysis.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Object Leave Site


Caution: You must call the Dispose method on this object before it goes out of scope. This object maintains non-managed resources. Relying on finalization for this object can cause memory leaks and exceptions within your application.

For an example of disposing managed objects, see Using the Managed Library.

The Divider object uses the layout of the strokes, the order in which the strokes are added, the direction in which the strokes are drawn, and other factors to perform the analysis of the ink. The Strokes collection that the Divider object analyzes is contained in the Strokes property of the Divider object. The Divider object dynamically analyzes the Strokes collection as you add to or delete from the collection, but it performs no modification of the strokes.

The analysis results are returned in a DivisionResult object.

The Divider object uses a RecognizerContext object to more accurately divide the strokes and to assign a recognition string to the results.

Note: The Divider object uses the default property settings of the RecognizerContext object.

If you do not assign a recognizer context to the Divider object, the Divider object still analyzes the ink, but it divides the strokes less accurately and does not associate text with the division results.

Note: The RecognizerContext property should be set before adding strokes to the Strokes property. After strokes have been added to the Divider object, the RecognizerContext property cannot be changed.

The Divider does not currently support vertical languages. For the Divider object to recognize these languages properly the Recognizer object for the language must support the free input capability and the characters must be written from left to right.

Note: The Divider object's Dispose method does not release the resources of the attached RecognizerContext object and Strokes collection. If the Divider object maintains the only reference, then your application should dispose of the RecognizerContext object and Strokes collection associated with the Divider object prior to disposing the Divider object.

Class Information

Namespace Microsoft.Ink
Assembly Microsoft.Ink (
Strong Name Microsoft.Ink, Version=1.7.4009.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a2870d9cc4d021c8

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