This section provides information about using Microsoft® DirectMusic® to capture and play sounds in applications written in C and C++.

Information is presented in the following sections:

  • What's New in DirectMusic. A guide to new features of DirectMusic in Microsoft DirectX® 9.0.
  • Introduction to DirectMusic. An overview of DirectMusic: its capabilities, basic concepts, and architecture, together with an introduction to dynamic soundtracks. This section focuses on principles rather than on the practical side of programming for DirectMusic.
  • Getting Started with DirectMusic. Information on setting up and debugging DirectMusic projects, and an overview of the programming steps involved in setting up a DirectMusic performance and playing a sound.
  • Using DirectMusic. A guide to using the DirectMusic application programming interface (API). You'll probably want to familiarize yourself with the table of contents for this section, and then refer to parts of it as you need specific information. It should be used in conjunction with the reference section.
  • Advanced Topics in DirectMusic. Information of interest mostly for developing specialized applications or applications that need highly optimized performance.
  • Related Software. Information about software distributed with the DirectX SDK that can be used in conjunction with DirectMusic.
  • DirectMusic C++ Samples. A guide to the sample applications in the SDK, to point you to the sample code you need. As well as showing how to implement basic functionality, each sample demonstrates one or more particular features of DirectMusic.
  • DirectMusic C++ Tutorials. Step-by-step guides to implementing basic DirectMusic functionality.
  • DirectMusic C/C++ Reference. Detailed information about all the API elements declared in the DirectMusic header files.
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