Transfer a Call

The following code example demonstrates a call transfer.

Before using this code example, a call must be in progress, and you must perform the operations in Make a Call or Receive a Call.

Note  This example does not have the error checking and releases appropriate for production code.
// From elsewhere in your code, you have obtained pAddress and pBasicCall, 
// which are pointers to the ITAddress and ITBasicCallControl interfaces
// of the call in progress that will be transferred.

// Create the call object for transfer. bstrAddressToCall and dwAddressType
// have been retrieved from a UI.
ITBasicCallControl * pConsultCall
HRESULT hr = pAddress->CreateCall(
// If ( hr != S_OK ) process the error here. 

// Start the transfer.
hr = pBasicCall->Transfer(
// If ( hr != S_OK ) process the error here. 

// Depending on the service provider, additional operations may be available
// or required.

// Finish the transfer.
hr = pConsultCall->Finish(FM_ASTRANSFER);
// If ( hr != S_OK ) process the error here. 

// The consultation call transitions to CS_DISCONNECTED.
// The objects associated with pConsultCall and pBasicCall can be released immediately or
// used for information purposes and released later.

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