Returns the path of the Help file that describes the error.

HRESULT GetHelpFile (
   BSTR *pbstrHelpFile);


[out] A pointer to memory in which to return a pointer to a string containing the fully qualified path of the Help file. If there is no Help file or an error occurs, the returned value (*pbstrHelpFile) is set to a null pointer. The memory for this string is allocated by the provider and must be freed by the consumer with a call to SysFreeString.


The method succeeded.


pbstrHelpFile was a null pointer.


The provider was unable to allocate sufficient memory in which to return the Help file path.


The locale ID specified by the lcid parameter in IErrorRecords::GetErrorInfo was not supported by the provider.

The implementation of this method in the data access technologies calls IErrorLookup::GetHelpInfo to retrieve the path of the Help file.