ICommandProperties specifies to the command the properties from the Rowset property group that must be supported by the rowsets returned by ICommand::Execute. A special case of these properties, and the ones most commonly requested, are the interfaces the rowset must support. In addition to interfaces, the consumer can request properties that modify the behavior of the rowset or interfaces.

All rowsets must support IRowset, IAccessor, IColumnsInfo, IRowsetInfo, and IConvertType. Providers may choose to return rowsets supporting other interfaces if doing so is possible and if the support for the returned interfaces does not affect consumer code that is not expecting them. The riid parameter of ICommand::Execute should be one of the interfaces returned by IRowsetInfo::GetProperties.

This interface is mandatory on commands.




Returns the list of properties in the Rowset property group that are currently requested for the rowset.


Sets properties in the Rowset property group.

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