Using LSA Unicode Strings

Several of the LSA Policy functions use the LSA_UNICODE_STRING structure to store string information. This structure stores the string and its length information.

The following code implements a function that converts LPWSTR data to LSA_UNICODE_STRING structures:

#include <windows.h>

bool InitLsaString(
  LPCWSTR pwszString
  DWORD dwLen = 0;

  if (NULL == pLsaString)
      return FALSE;

  if (NULL != pwszString) 
      dwLen = wcslen(pwszString);
      if (dwLen > 0x7ffe)   // String is too large
          return FALSE;

  // Store the string.
  pLsaString->Buffer = (WCHAR *)pwszString;
  pLsaString->Length =  (USHORT)dwLen * sizeof(WCHAR);
  pLsaString->MaximumLength= (USHORT)(dwLen+1) * sizeof(WCHAR);

  return TRUE;