Creating an Attachment Snap-in Extension

An attachment snap-in extension provides an interface that users can use to change service-specific configuration settings. The attachment snap-in extension must fulfill the MMC requirements to be a valid snap-in extension. For more information on those requirements, see the Microsoft Management Console documentation.

In addition to the interfaces required by MMC, an attachment snap-in extension must implement the COM interface ISceSvcAttachmentPersistInfo. The Security Configuration snap-ins call methods of this interface to determine whether the configuration data has changed, and if so, to update the security database. The attachment snap-in must store any configuration changes until the Security Configuration snap-ins retrieves that data.

An attachment snap-in extension must provide the following functionality:

To assist your snap-in extension in performing these tasks, the Security Configuration snap-ins implement a COM interface, ISceSvcAttachmentData, which provides methods your snap-in extension can call in order to initialize itself and query information from the security database.

After you have created your attachment snap-in extension, you must register it with the Security Configuration snap-ins as described in Registering an Attachment Snap-in Extension.