ITableDefinitionWithConstraints : ITableCreation

The ITableDefinitionWithConstraints interface exposes simple methods to create, drop, and alter tables on the data store. It also provides a mechanism to create and delete multitable and multicolumn constraints on tables.

ITableDefinitionWithConstraints extends ITableCreation by adding the ability to create and drop constraints from the base table and create base tables with constraints in one, atomic operation.

ITableDefinitionWithConstraints is optional for providers that do not otherwise support table creation; it is mandatory for providers that support table creation through commands and have the ability to create referential constraints (such as primary keys, foreign keys, unique, or check constraints).




Adds a new constraint to a base table.


Creates a new base table in the data store, allowing constraints to be added atomically during table creation.


Drops a constraint from a base table.


All methods of ITableCreation.

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