IDBAsynchNotify is the callback interface that a consumer must support to get notified of the progress of asynchronous operations such as initializing a data source object or opening or populating a rowset.

The notifications use the standard OLE connection point scheme for events. The object being created, initialized, or populated supports IConnectionPointContainer, and the consumer calls FindConnectionPoint for IID_IDBAsynchNotify to obtain the correct IConnectionPoint interface. The consumer then advises that connection point to connect and supplies a pointer to the consumer's IDBAsynchNotify interface.

IDBAsynchNotify is implemented by consumers that require notification for the progress of asynchronous operations. If the consumer requests that an operation, such as opening or populating a rowset or initializing a data source object, be done asynchronously, the object being created or initialized must support a connection point for IDBAsynchNotify.

Consumers must implement one object supporting IDBAsynchNotify per asynchronous rowset they consume.

Providers should implement this connection point if they expect to work directly with general-purpose consumers.




Indicates that resources are low.


Indicates the current progress of the operation.


Indicates that the asynchronous processing has stopped.

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