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How to Invoke Scripts Within a Cmdlet


This example shows how to invoke a script that is supplied to a cmdlet. The script is executed by the cmdlet, and its results are returned to the cmdlet as a collection of PSObject objects.

To invoke a script block

  1. The command verifies that a script block was supplied to the cmdlet. If a script block was supplied, the command invokes the script block with its required parameters.

    if (script != null)
      WriteDebug("Executing script block.");
      // Invoke the script block with the required arguments.
      Collection<PSObject> PSObjects =
  2. Then, the script iterates through the returned collection of PSObject objects and perform the necessary operations.

    foreach (PSObject psObject in psObjects)
      if (LanguagePrimitives.IsTrue(psObject))
        result = new MatchInfo();
        result.Line = line;
        result.IgnoreCase = !caseSensitive;