What's New in Tablet PC Development

This section describes what is new in Tablet PC Technology development.

Tablet PC Development Kit now in Windows SDK

Beginning in the spring of 2006 and going forward, the Windows SDK is the sole distribution mechanism for the latest Tablet PC technology. There is no longer a stand-alone Tablet PC SDK. The platform binaries, headers, libs, documentation, and sample code are available in the Windows SDK. This distribution includes the 1.7 Tablet PC platform binaries and the redistributable merge modules for those binaries, as well as documentation for both the version 1.7 binaries and the new Windows Vista Tablet PC Technology platform (version 6) binaries.

Refer to The Development Environment for details about getting your computer set up for Tablet PC development.

Windows Server 2008 R2 now supports handwriting recognition and custom dictionaries

Windows Server 2008 R2 can now perform ink recognition and custom dictionary features have been added to support new recognition scenarios.

See Handwriting Recognition in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Creating Custom Dictionaries for Handwriting Recognition for more information.

Math Input

The Math Input API is now available in a COM version. See Programming the Math Input Control and the Math Input Control Reference for more information.

Ink Analysis

New ink analysis features have been created for the Tablet PC Technology platform. See Ink Analysis Overview for conceptual details.

Stylus Input API COM Version

The Stylus Input API is now available in a COM version. See RealTimeStylus Reference for the COM version of the API reference topics. See Accessing and Manipulating Stylus Input for Stylus Input API conceptual information.

TextInputPanel Class

The TextInputPanel class is available as an attachable object, enabling you to add Tablet PC Input Panel functionality to existing controls. The user interface is largely mandated by the current input language. You have the option of choosing either handwriting or keyboard as the default input method for the TextInputPanel object. The end user can switch between input methods by using buttons on the user interface.

Journal Reader Component

The Journal Reader component is available. See Using the Journal Reader Component for overview material. See the JournalReader class for the managed APIs. See Journal Reader Component Reference for the COM version of the APIs.