MSMQ Glossary: R



The process of peeking at or retrieving a message in the queue.

See also peek or retrieve.


The process of retrieving a message from a queue.

receive access

An access mode that allows messages to be retrieved from the queue when they are read. Used when the receiving application opens a queue to remove messages.

The access mode of a queue is set when the queue is opened, and it cannot be changed while the queue is open.


A delivery mode that guarantees message delivery even in the case of a computer crash. In this mode, the message is stored locally on disk on the sending computer and on every computer that forwards the message during routing until the message is delivered to the next computer. After delivery to the destination queue, recoverable messages are stored on disk in memory-mapped files until they are received.

report message

A message that indicates the progress of an application-generated message as it moves from the source computer to its destination. Report messages are generated only when route tracking is enabled for the source computer by the Message Queuing administrator and tracing is requested for messages by the sending application. When these conditions are met, report messages are generated by Message Queuing or a connector application each time an application-generated message leaves or arrives at a Message Queuing computer, including a Message Queuing routing server, along the route from the source computer to a remote destination queue. Report messages are sent to the report queue specified for the source computer.

See also report queue.

report queue

A public queue used to store the report messages that track the progress of your messages as they move through your enterprise. The report queue for a particular computer is specified by the Message Queuing administrator. Report queues have a unique label and service type GUID. Applications can only peek at the messages in a report queue.

See also report message.

response message

An application-generated message that is returned to a response queue specified by the sending application.

See also response queue.

response queue

A queue used by the receiving application to return application-generated response messages to the sending application.

See also response message.


The process of reading and removing a message from a queue.

See also peek or read.

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