Supporting Tasks

Supporting Tasks


This section provides code examples for supporting tasks that may need to be completed while creating queues, locating queues, opening queues, sending messages to their queues, or reading messages from queues.

For examples of


Navigating queues using cursors and lookup identifiers

Navigating Queue Examples

Enforcing authentication for a queue, requesting authentication for a message, and validating that the request was made

Authentication Examples

Requesting acknowledgments, validating that the acknowledgment request was made, finding acknowledgment messages for a specific message, filtering acknowledgment messages according to message class, and (for connector applications only) returning acknowledgment messages

Acknowledging Message Examples

Requesting source journaling, reading messages in the computer journal and dead-letter queues, and enforcing target journaling

Target and Source Journaling Examples

Requesting and returning response messages

Responding to Message Examples

Requesting tracing and reading report messages

Tracing Message Examples

Filtering messages using their application-specific information, their correlation identifiers, and the time when they were sent

Filtering Message Examples

Requesting encryption for a message and enforcing encryption for a queue

Encryption Examples

Verifying that a message was sent as part of a transaction.

Checking Transaction Boundary Examples

Retrieving and setting the properties of destination queues

Changing Queue Behavior Examples

Retrieving and setting queue security information

Queue Security Examples

Verifying workgroup installation

Workgroup Examples

Creating queue aliases

Queue Alias Examples

Obtaining error descriptions

Error Reporting Examples

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